Masturbator for Training Male Endurance


Realistic masturbators that reproduce the appearance of the vulva are undoubtedly in demand, but their use is very limited. Most of these masturbators are used for masturbation, not for use with a partner. The most famous representative of this category is the Fleshlight model. ... The Fleshlight Girls series is particularly famous because the holes of these masturbators are reproductions of the vulva or anus of a famous pornographic actress, and the internal texture is a creatively designed line. The size of the "flashlight" is more suitable for independent use with both hands. Although this does not rule out the possibility of incorporating such toys into intimate games for couples, it is only necessary to consider how to make the process comfortable from a technical point of view. 

For two-player games, the smaller model is the most convenient and can be used in many ways. A very popular penis intimate massage toy is Tenga Egg. They are small in size and can be conveniently used not only in bedrooms but also in cars.

AIRTURN 6 Vibration Modes Sucking Heating Masturbaor is also very popular with couples because it can make oral sex easier and more diverse. Its biggest effect is to only stimulate the glans. There are also masturbators that can be used as accessories to leave them on the penis during vaginal insertion.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a masturbator?

1. If you want to control the density/pressure of the toy on the penis with the palm of your hand when masturbating, then you should choose a model without a body or a built-in special button to squeeze them. The interior of LETEN uses specially designed textures with obvious texture effects. It is also very suitable for training men's sexual endurance so that they can have a longer sex life. There is a special button on the body, squeezing it will create a vacuum to obtain a particularly strong stimulation. Through regular use of this toy, the penis will adapt to various sensations. This is how tolerance develops. Will not be over-excited due to allergies in future behaviors. This special model is easy to open, easy to clean and maintain. The modern and stylish design of this toy allows you to store it on a shelf in the living room instead of hiding it in a drawer far away.

2. If you are interested in trying a toy with vibration, you can choose the classic masturbator with holes and add a vibration element on it. Various vibration massagers are also available, which are not always designed to simulate penetration, but stimulate the head or bottom of the penis through vibration.

3. To use a masturbator, you always need a water-based lubricant to maintain the toy. The water-based lubricant will provide comfortable sliding and will not damage the material. After use, clean the toy with warm water or a special sex toy cleaner. Then let it dry so that the toy does not become sticky and retains all the properties of the soft material.

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